World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Database
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name updown level updown map updown
Blackwind Landing - Terokkar Forest
Blackwood Lake 58 Eastern Plaguelands
Bladefist Bay - Durotar
Bladespire Hold 67 Blade's Edge Mountains
Bladewood 14 Bloodmyst Isle
Bleeding Hollow Ruins 63 Terokkar Forest
Bleeding Ziggurat 18 Ghostlands
Blood Watch 10 Bloodmyst Isle
Bloodcurse Isle 16 Bloodmyst Isle
Bloodfen Burrow - Dustwallow Marsh
Bloodgulch 85 Twilight Highlands
Bloodhoof Village 5 Mulgore
Bloodmaul Camp 67 Blade's Edge Mountains
Bloodmaul Outpost 66 Blade's Edge Mountains
Bloodmoon Isle 74 Grizzly Hills
Bloodscale Grounds 63 Zangarmarsh
Bloodvenom Post - Felwood
Bloodwatcher Point 46 Badlands
Blue Sky Logging Grounds 74 Grizzly Hills
Bogen's Ledge - The Hinterlands
Bogpaddle 52 Swamp of Sorrows
Bonechewer Ruins 63 Terokkar Forest
Booty Bay 42 The Cape of Stranglethorn
Bor'gorok Outpost 71 Borean Tundra
Bor's Breath 77 The Storm Peaks
Bough Shadow 20 Ashenvale
Boulder Lode Mine 17 Northern Barrens
Boulder'gor 32 Arathi Highlands
Boulderfist Hall 35 Arathi Highlands
Boulderslide Ravine 27 Stonetalon Mountains