World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Database
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name updown level updown map updown
Brackenwall Village 36 Dustwallow Marsh
Brackwell Pumpkin Patch 8 Elwynn Forest
Brazie Farmstead 20 Hillsbrad Foothills
Brightwater Lake 7 Tirisfal Glades
Brightwood Grove 28 Duskwood
Brill 5 Tirisfal Glades
Bristlelimb Enclave 10 Bloodmyst Isle
Bristlelimb Village 8 Azuremyst Isle
Broken Pillar 45 Tanaris
Brunnhildar Village 77 The Storm Peaks
Burning Blade Ruins 64 Nagrand
Calston Estate - Tirisfal Glades
Camp Ataya 35 Feralas
Camp Cagg 43 Badlands
Camp Everstill 16 Redridge Mountains
Camp Kosh 36 Badlands
Camp Mojache 42 Feralas
Camp Narache - Mulgore
Camp Oneqwah 74 Grizzly Hills
Camp Sungraze - Mulgore
Camp Una'fe 31 Southern Barrens
Camp Winterhoof 70 Howling Fjord
Cannon's Inferno 85 Twilight Highlands
Cape of Lost Hope - Tol Barad Peninsula
Cauldros Isle 70 Howling Fjord
Caverns of Time 50 Tanaris
Celestial Ridge 69 Netherstorm
Cenarion Hold 55 Silithus
Cenarion Refuge - Zangarmarsh
Cenarion Thicket 62 Terokkar Forest