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"Good-Boy" Bruce

"Good-Boy" Bruce
Level 27 - 32 Humanoid
additional info
level27 - 32
react (top-most) H A
you will find this creature somewhere here
The Cape of Stranglethorn
"Good-Boy" Bruce
map of The Cape of Stranglethorn
drops, rare+ and quest items
  name level req level class slot
Dizzy's Eye Dizzy's Eye - - Quest
Double Link Tunic Double Link Tunic 30 25 Mail Chest
Enduring Cap Enduring Cap 33 28 Leather Head
Frostreaver Crown Frostreaver Crown 32 27 Mail Head
Holy Shroud Holy Shroud 32 27 Cloth Head
Looming Gavel Looming Gavel 31 26 Mace One-Hand
Snuff Snuff - - Quest
Tigerstrike Mantle Tigerstrike Mantle 34 29 Cloth Back
Weather-Beaten Coin Weather-Beaten Coin - 30 Quest