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Breastplate of Might

Breastplate of Might
Breastplate of Might
Binds when picked up
771 Armor
+28 Stamina
+20 Strength
+10 Fire Resistance
Classes: Warrior
Requires Level 60
Item Level 66
Equip: Increases your dodge rating by 19.
Battlegear of Might(1/8)
(3) Set: Increases your dodge rating by 20.
(5) Set: Gives you a 20% chance to generate an additional Rage point whenever damage is dealt to you.
(8) Set: Increases the threat generated by Sunder Armor and Devastate by 15%.
Sell Price: 5 gold 10 silver 88 copper
additional info
item level66
sells for5 gold 10 silver 88 copper
ingame link
drops from
name and description level location reaction type
Golemagg the Incinerator
Molten Core
H A Giant
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