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Legplates of Might

Legplates of Might
Legplates of Might
Binds when picked up
675 Armor
+23 Stamina
+24 Strength
+10 Shadow Resistance
Classes: Warrior
Requires Level 60
Item Level 66
Equip: Increases your parry rating by 23.
Battlegear of Might(1/8)
(3) Set: Increases your dodge rating by 20.
(5) Set: Gives you a 20% chance to generate an additional Rage point whenever damage is dealt to you.
(8) Set: Increases the threat generated by Sunder Armor and Devastate by 15%.
Sell Price: 5 gold 14 silver 61 copper
additional info
item level66
sells for5 gold 14 silver 61 copper
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drops from
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Molten Core
H A Beast
Core Hound
points of interest
Molten Core
map of Molten Core