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Breaking Through

Breaking Through
Level 81
Observe as Earthmender Duarn attempts to speak with Nespirah.
- Speak with Earthmender Duarn
additional info
required level80
faction / side A
categoryShimmering Expanse
descriptionObserve as Earthmender Duarn attempts to speak with Nespirah.
final stepReturn to Earthmender Duarn inside of Nespirah in Vashj'ir.
- Speak with Earthmender Duarn
• 6950 experience
3 gold 90 silver
max level compensation: 3 gold 30 silver
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
• 75 reputation with The Earthen Ring
detailsA trained shaman has the ability to communicate with the four elements of earth, fire, air and water. This is known.

What is not as widely known, however, is the presence of a fifth element. This element is not as clearly described as the other four, but it has to do with the shared... commonality between all living creatures.

My theory is that the crab, as a creature of the sea, is close enough to Nespirah that, with the elements' coaxing, we can convince it to act as Nespirah's mouthpiece.
questline / series
1. Capture the Crab [ 81 ] A
2. Breaking Through [ 81 ] A
3. We Are Not Alone [ 81 ] A
4. Body Blows [ 81 ] A
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Shimmering Expanse
map of Shimmering Expanse
Shimmering Expanse
map of Shimmering Expanse