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The Assassin

The Assassin
Level 42
Kill Rohan the Assassin within the abbey bell tower in Tyr's Hand.
- Rohan the Assassin
additional info
required level39
faction / side A H
categoryEastern Plaguelands
descriptionKill Rohan the Assassin within the abbey bell tower in Tyr's Hand.
final stepReturn to Crusade Commander Eligor Dawnbringer at Tyr's Hand in Eastern Plaguelands.
• 1200 experience
You will be able to choose one of these rewards
55 silver
max level compensation: 28 silver 80 copper
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
• 250 reputation with Argent Crusade
detailsThe fate of the Scarlet Crusade is tragic, if somewhat ironic. At one point, they led the charge of humanity against the undead. Now, they resemble those corpses that they once hunted. What caused their descent into undeath isn't certain, but it doesn't make them any less dangerous.

One of their deadliest was an assassin who went by the name of Rohan. We have intel that places him atop the bell tower in this very abbey. Find him and kill him, [name]. And try not to die on the way.
questline / series
1. The Assassin [ 42 ] A H
1. The Commander [ 42 ] A H
1. Scarlet Salvage [ 42 ] A H
1. The Wrathcaster [ 42 ] A H
1. The Huntsman [ 42 ] A H
2. Argent Upheaval [ 42 ] A H
2. Befouled No More [ 42 ] A H
3. Like Rats [ 43 ] A H
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Eastern Plaguelands
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