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A Time to Gain

A Time to Gain
Use the bonfire in front of the Wickerman.
- Use the Bonfire
additional info
faction / side A
categoryHallow's End
typeDaily -
descriptionUse the bonfire in front of the Wickerman.
final stepReturn to Celestine of the Harvest in front of Stormwind.
- Use the Bonfire
Guaranteed item rewards
max level compensation: 8 gold 27 silver
detailsGreetings, [class]. The Wickerman you see before you symbolizes self. The flames that burn it are a cleansing fire.

Tradition states that we take our burdens and give them to the fires. We let go of our burdens as we approach the winter season and we gain clarity and peace. Join us in our tradition, [class].

Take a branch from the nearby bonfire and hurl it at the Wickerman.
questline / series
2. A Time to Gain [ - ] A
ingame link
Elwynn Forest
map of Elwynn Forest
criteria of
  name and description faction points category
Rotten Hallow Rotten Hallow
Ruin Hallow's End for the Horde and foil their attempts to wreck the Alliance celebration by completing the following quests.
A 10 Hallow's End