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Boston After Dark Main Story, The Railroad Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Tradecraft quest.

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Stages of "Boston After Dark" quest

1. Give Carrington his prototype

My first official assignment in the Railroad is to deliver Doctor Carrington the prototype we recovered from Switchboard. And then see if he needs any help.

Give Carrington his prototype

2. Retrieve the dead drop

For my first job I have to help out H2-22, a Synth who is in trouble at Bunker Hill. Railroad HQ doesn't have many details. I'm to proceed to pick up a dead drop left by Old Man Stockton.

Locate Mailbox and take Stockton's Holotape.

Retrieve the dead drop

3. Meet Old Man Stockton

Old Man Stockton is ready for contact at Bunker Hill. Perhaps now I can see how I can help H2-22.

Meet Old Man Stockton

Meet Old Man Stockton

4. Secure the rendezvous point

Old Man Stockton was supposed to deliver H2-22 to someone else but raiders at the rendezvous point have prevented that. So my job is to clear the place of hostiles and then meet with them at night.

Secure the rendezvous point

5. Wait until night time for Old Man Stockton

You can sit and wait on the bench inside the church.

Wait until night time for Old Man Stockton

6. Wait for Railroad contact

Old Man Stockton has lit a signal lantern. H2-22 and I need to wait for another Railroad agent to arrive.

Talk to High Rise when he comes.

Wait for Railroad contact

7. Follow High Rise

High Rise, another Railroad agent, needs my help escorting H2-22 to a safehouse called Ticonderoga. Once H2-22 is there, he'll be safe for now.

8. Talk with High Rise

9. Report back to Doctor Carrington

I safely got High Rise and H2-22 to Ticonderoga Safehouse. It's time to report back to Doctor Carrington.

10. Quest completed

Scant thanks from Doctor Carrington for helping H2-22 get to Ticonderoga Safehouse. He's already lined up the next fire I need to put out.

Next / new quest is Butcher's Bill (The Railroad).