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End of the Line Main Story, The Institute Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Powering Up quest.

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Stages of "End of the Line" quest

1. Speak with Father

After meeting with the Directorate, I need to talk to Shaun about what comes next.

Father wants you to eliminate the leaders of The Railroad.

Speak with Father

2. Kill Desdemona

The leaders of the Railroad need to be eliminated, to make sure they can no longer interfere with Institute operations.

You can talk to Desdemona before making a final decision.

Kill Desdemona

3. Eliminate the Railroad leaders

If you killed Desdemona then you have to kill all the people in Railroad HQ.

4. Speak with Father

There is one more threat, you have to eliminate for The Institute - Brotherhood of Steel.

Speak with Father

5. Quest completed