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Operation Ticonderoga The Railroad Quest

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Stages of "Operation Ticonderoga" quest

1. Go to Ticonderoga Safehouse

Coursers have been spotted in the field, which means trouble. Desdemona has asked me to check on Ticonderoga Safehouse, which has gone dark. Hopefully the Institute hasn't found them.

Go to Ticonderoga Safehouse

Enter the building and use an elevator. There is one courser and many synths waiting inside.

Go to Ticonderoga Safehouse

2. Kill all Coursers

The worst has happened. The Institute has wiped out Ticonderoga Safehouse, all hands lost. Now it's my job to clean them out. There can be no survivors.

There are two coursers to kill, one inside the building and one more outside.

Kill all Coursers

3. Report back to Desdemona

With all the Coursers eliminated, what's left of Ticonderoga is secure. I should let Desdemona know what happened here.

Report back to Desdemona

4. Quest completed

I reported the bad news to Desdemona. We lost Ticonderoga Safehouse and High Rise. Now we're in a race. Can we free the Synths before the Institute wipes us out?