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Out of Time Main Story Quest

This quest starts automatically after you leave a cryogenic capsule at the beginning of the game.

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Stages of "Out of Time" quest

1. Exit Vault 111

While cryogenically frozen in Vault 111, I awoke just long enough to witness the murder of my wife and the abduction of my infant son. I need to escape Vault 111 and return home, so I can begin to make sense of this tragedy.

Follow the corridors of the vault. Here is your first weapon, the Security Baton.

Exit Vault 111

There is a Recreation Terminal in the dining room area. Inside you can find your first holotape, game Red Menace, take it.

Exit Vault 111

Exit Vault 111

There are 2 10mm Pistols in the overseer's office. First one on the desk, another one on the shelf in the compartment. There is also super-weapon Cryolator here, but it's inside the master-locked container.

Exit Vault 111

To move forward, you have to use Overseer's Terminal and select Open Evacuation Tunnel option.

Exit Vault 111

In an elavator room grab the Pip-Boy and then activate Vault Door Controls.

Exit Vault 111

2. Go home

I've made it out of Vault 111, only to find the world I knew completely destroyed by nuclear war. I need to head home, and see if there's anything left.

Go home

3. Talk to Codsworth

I've made it back to the old neighborhood. Surprisingly, Codsworth is still where I left him, and completely operational. I should talk with him, and see what he knows.

Talk to Codsworth

4. Search the Neighborhood with Codsworth

Codsworth suggests we search the old neighborhood for any sign of Shaun. It's as good a plan as any.

Notice: There is You Are Special! book (+1 to skill) and the first issue of Grognak The Barbarian magazine inside your old house so grab it.

Search the houses with Codsworth and then talk to him.

Search the Neighborhood with Codsworth

4.1. Kill the Insects

5. Investigate Concord

The search of the old neighborhood came up empty, so Codsworth suggested I continue looking in Concord, the next town over.

And when you get to the town ...

I've reached Concord, the closest neighborhood next to my old home. Maybe there are other survivors here?

Find the Museum of Freedom and kill the raiders attacking it.

Investigate Concord

6. Quest Completed

I haven't found Shaun yet, but I did meet a desparate man in need of help. What kind of world have I woken up to?

Next / new quest is When Freedom Calls (Main Story).