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Quartermastery Brotherhood of Steel Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Semper Invicta quest.

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Stages of "Quartermastery" quest

1. Recover the {name of artifact} at {name of location}

Scribe Haylen has given me a mission to recover a piece of technology for her at a given location. I need to go there, find the artifact, and bring it back to her in one piece.

Possible artifacts: Haptic DriveReflex Capacitor, Flux Sensor, etc.

Possible locations: Jalbert Brothers DisposalBreakheart BanksFallon's Department Store, Back Street Apparel, Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ, Bedford Station, etc.

Schema is always the same. Go to the location and find a container with an artifact inside. It's always guarded by "a boss".

Recover the {name of artifact} at {name of location}

2. Report to Scribe Haylen

I found the artifact that Scribe Haylen was looking for. I need to report back to her at the Cambridge Police Station.

3. Quest completed

This quest is repeatable.