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Rite of Passage DLC, Far Harbor Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Living on the Edge quest.

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Stages of "Rite of Passage" quest

1. Drop meat in the water

In order to do the "Captain's Dance," I need to go to Emmet's Causeway and drop fresh meat in the water to whip the local wildlife into a frenzy.

Go to the area marked on your map, open your inventory and drop some raw meat, i.e. mirelurk meat on the ground.

Drop meat in the water

2. Kill the mirelurks

I've started the Captain's Dance and have enraged local mirelurks. I need to dispatch them.

Kill the mirelurks

3. Drop more meat in the water

With the mirelurks killed, I have to drop more meat in the water to further enrage the local wildlife for the Captain's Dance.

4. Kill the mirelurks

Even more mirelurks have been attracted by my chumming. I need to attract even bigger game to find something worthy of the Captain's Dance.

Kill the mirelurks

5. Kill the mirelurk queen

After I killed another wave of mirelurks, a mighty Mirelurk Queen has appeared. If I kill this magnificent specimen the Captain's Dance will be complete.

Kill the mirelurk queen

6. Return to Teddy Wright

I survived my battle with the Mirelurk Queen. I should go back to Far Harbor and let Teddy know I've completed the Captain's Dance.

Return to Teddy Wright

7. Quest completed

I've faced one of the terrifying behemoths of the island and earned Far Harbor's respect by doing the Captain's Dance. Teddy's crazy plan worked.

As a reward you will receive The Captain's Hat.

Quest completed