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To the Mattresses {1-6} The Railroad Quest

To get this quest, talk to Desdemona in the Railroad HQ after you destroy The Institute. It's a series of 6 quests.

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete The Nuclear Option quest.

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Stages of "To the Mattresses {1-6}" quest

1. Kill {name of L&L Leader}

The Synth-hating L&L Gang is the greatest single threat remaining to the Railroad with the Institute out of the picture. Desdemona has a lead on them. And my job is dealing with it.

Possible locations: Poseidon Energy, etc.

Names of L&L Leaders: Lucky TatumBig MaudeStevie BuchananTammy MacThe Bruiser and Captain Sally.

Kill {name of L&L Leader}

2. Return to Desdemona

The L&L Gang is a little smaller thanks to me. Desdemona will want to hear the good news.

or when you killed the last leader ...

With the fall of Captain Sally, the L&L Gang has finally been put down. Everyone back at HQ, especially Desdemona, will want to hear this.

3. Quest completed

Despite my work, The L&L Gang is still out there and potentially putting our people and Synths at risk. Hopefully Desdemona will have more intel on them soon.

Quest completed

or ...

Raiders will be a problems for Synths and humans alike, but the Synth hating L&L Gang won't be plaguing us any longer.