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Walk in the Park DLC, Far Harbor Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Far From Home quest.

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Stages of "Walk in the Park" quest

1. Talk to the welcome party

I've arrived in Far Harbor. The locals may know more about Kasumi and the synth refuge she mentioned.

Talk to the welcome party

2. Follow Captain Avery

Captain Avery, the leader of Far Harbor, has agreed to give me information if I help defend the town.

Follow Captain Avery

3. Defend the Hull

Creatures from the Fog are attacking Far Harbor. They need to be dealt with.

Kill the incoming monsters.

Defend the Hull

4. Talk to Captain Avery

With the town secure, I can get more answers from Captain Avery about Kasumi and the synth refuge.

She will tell you that you should ask Old Longfellow for help. She will also give you new side quest Living on the Edge.

Talk to Captain Avery

5. Talk to Old Longfellow

There's a hunter named Old Longfellow that can guide me to Acadia, where Kasumi was headed.

He is inside The Last Plank tavern.

Talk to Old Longfellow

Talk to Old Longfellow

There is an issue of Islander's Almanac on the table next to Old Longfellow. Grab it! It will add a few markers to your map.

Talk to Old Longfellow

6. Get whiskey for Old Longfellow

Old Longfellow won't act as my guide unless I bribe him with whiskey. The bartender, Mitch, sells some.

If you didn't convince Old Longfellow to be your guide (charisma checks), then you will have to buy him a bottle of whiskey from bartender Mitch.

Get whiskey for Old Longfellow

7. Go to Acadia with Old Longfellow

Old Longfellow will guide me through the dangers of the island to Acadia and hopefully Kasumi.

On the way to Acadia you will have to kill many enemies such as: trappers, ghouls, wolves, gulpers or mirelurks.

You will also meet a member of Child of Atom.

Go to Acadia with Old Longfellow

8. Talk to Old Longfellow

My guide, Old Longfellow, wants to have one last word with me before I enter Acadia.

From now, Old Longfellow can be your companion and you can use the workshop at Longfellow's Cabin.

Talk to Old Longfellow

9. Quest completed

I made it to Acadia. Hopefully Kasumi Nakano is still here.