The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Atlas

Big Feet to Fill: The Fourth Group Secondary Quest, Blood and Wine Quest

To get the quest simply move closer to the camp. The task will automatically appear in your journal.

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Stages of "Big Feet to Fill: The Fourth Group" quest

1. Investigate the workers' camp.

While traversing Toussaint’s interior, Geralt came across an abandoned campsite. His intuition told him something unfortunate had happened in this place and he decided to investigate.

Investigate the workers' camp.

Examine broken bench and blood marks.

Investigate the workers' camp.

Examine kikimores' tracks.

Investigate the workers' camp.

2. Follow the kikimores' tracks.

Follow the kikimores' tracks.

Follow the kikimores' tracks.

3. Search the kikimore nest.

Kill three kikimores (36) and kikimore warrior (36) first then check the body wrapped in a cocoon.

Search the kikimore nest.

4. Quest completed.

Following the tracks he found, our hero arrived at a den of kikimores and determined the men from the campsite had been killed by these monsters. Only later did Geralt find out these men had been builders working on the Prophet Lebioda’s statue.