The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Atlas

Big Feet to Fill: The Third Group Secondary Quest, Blood and Wine Quest

To get this quest get close to a wagon left on the road. The quest will automatically appear in your journal.

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Stages of "Big Feet to Fill: The Third Group" quest

1. Investigate the tracks around the abandoned wagons.

No one abandons his cart without good cause. When Geralt happened across just such a cast off means of transport during his travels, he decided to learn more about what had become of its erstwhile owners.

Investigate the tracks around the abandoned wagons.

2. Follow the workers' tracks.

Follow the workers' tracks.

3. Kill the spriggan.

Kill the Spriggan (40).

Kill the spriggan.

4. Investigate the cave entrance.

Investigate the cave entrance.

5. Quest completed.

It seemed the caravan had been attacked by a spriggan. The workers who had been traveling with it managed to escape and had taken shelter in a cave. Geralt killed the monster and saved the lives of the workers, who it turned out were builders helping erect the statue of the Prophet Lebioda.