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Gwent: Never Fear, Skellige's Here Secondary Quest, Blood and Wine Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired during Gwent: To Everything - Turn, Turn, Tournament! quest.

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Stages of "Gwent: Never Fear, Skellige's Here" quest

1. Obtain a basic Skellige Deck.

While travelling in Toussaint, Geralt learned of the existence of a new deck. It was inspired by the Skellige Isles and their inhabitants. Since the new Skellige faction had just made its debut, Geralt decided to seize the moment and gather all the cards belonging to it before other collectors could get their paws on them.

Obtain a basic Skellige Deck.

2. Collect all the missing cards in the Skellige Deck. 0/19

Herbalist - Herbs Store, Castel Ravello Vineyard - Clan Brokvar Archer.

Innkeep - The Barrel and Bung Inn, Flovine - Cerys.

Madame - The Belles of Beauclair, Beauclair - Mardroeme.

Butcher - Butcher's Shop, Beauclair - Skellige Storm.

Pierre - Tailor's Workshop, Beauclair - Young Berserker.

Camerlengo - The Ducal Camerlengo, Beauclair - King Bran.

Merchant - Perfumery, Beauclair - Light Longship.

Armorer - Armorer, Beauclair - Kambi.

Merchant - Beauclair - Clan Dimun Pirate.

Herbalist - Herb Store, Beauclair - Mardroeme.

Innkeep - The Scarlet Cardinal Inn, Francollarts - Ermion.

Armorer - Francollarts - Clan Drummond Shield Maiden.

Barber - Tourney Grounds - Skellige Storm.

Innkeep - Tourney Ground - War Longship.

Blacksmith - Tourney Ground - Young Berserker.

Armorer - Tourney Ground - Skellige Storm.

Innkeep - The Cockatrice Inn - Clan Drummond Shield Maiden.

Sommelier - The Adder and Jewels Winery, Beauclair - Olaf.

Innkeep - The Pheasantry, Beauclair - Draig Bon-Dhu.

2.1. Fight off the vampires attacking the city.

This stage is optional.

Despite his strong desire to obtain all the Skellige cards, Geralt had to divert his attention from his gwent hobby (a most distinguished and demanding one, true, but a hobby nonetheless!) so he could fight off the vampires attacking Beauclair.

Once he had staved off the threat of the vampire horde, Geralt joyfully returned to completing his collection.

3. Quest completed.

 Geralt did what he had set out to do. After many a victorious hand of gwent, he finally had all the cards from the Skellige deck. Though it cost him a great deal of effort, it was all worth it, for the new cards were truly beautiful sights to behold.