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Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Feline Gear Treasure Hunt, Blood and Wine Quest

This is default path but you can also start this quest by looting any of the diagrams and you can do it in different order.

Suggested level: 40

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Stages of "Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Feline Gear" quest

1. Find all the diagrams in the set: 0/6

While searching for diagrams that would let him craft grandmaster level gear from the School of the Cat, Geralt happened on the trail of a tale that looked to be headed towards a tragic ending. The adventure began with the witcher's afternoon visit to the estate of a certain armorer...

2. Go to Bartolomé de Launay's house.

Go to Bartolomé de Launay's house.

3. Find a way into the estate's grounds.

Main gate is locked. You have to find an alternative way into estate's grounds.

Find a way into the estate's grounds.

4. Search the estate.

There are several bandits here, you have to kill them first. One of the bandits has a key required to unlock main gate - Key to Villa Vedette.

Locate a room with this painting and examine it. Inside you will find Letter to Bartolomé de Launay and Diagram: Grandmaster Feline armor.

Search the estate.

5. Read the letter to Bartolomé de Launay.

6. Explore the ruins of Arthach Palace.

You will find two diagrams in the chest located next to the signal fire - Diagram: Grandmaster Feline boots and Diagram: Grandmaster Feline trousers. There are also Hanse leader's notes inside.

Explore the ruins of Arthach Palace.

7. Read the bandit leader's report.

8. Find the entrance to the Pits of Brume.

Find the entrance to the Pits of Brume.

9. Find the hidden diagrams.

The cave is occupied by Archespores (37). Find a small sack at the end of the cave, inside you will find Diagram: Grandmaster Feline steel swordDiagram: Grandmaster Feline silver swordDiagram: Grandmaster Feline gauntlets and Lexandre's journal.

Find the hidden diagrams.

10. Quest completed.

...And concluded in a cave known as the Pits of Brume, where diagrams had patiently waited long years for one who would find them. As it so happens, this finder proved to be Geralt. Along the way the story had featured characters plagued by greed, ambition unfulfilled, and the longing for freedom and change. Alas, the witcher alone proved fortunate in this tale, for he finally found what he had set out to seek.