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The Curse of Carnarvon Treasure Hunt, Blood and Wine Quest

To start this quest loot Alistair Carnarvon’s journal and Key from the body.

Suggested level: 46

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Stages of "The Curse of Carnarvon" quest

1. Read Carnarvon's journal.

While seeking a bit of respite amidst the forests that covered the slopes of Mount Gorgon, Geralt ran into… a dead man and a pack of barghests! Once he had dealt with the spectral canines, he decided to search the pockets of the unlucky traveler. The witcher hoped he would find something that would shed some light on the deceased's last days alive.

Read Carnarvon's journal.

2. Find the treasure hidden in the treasure hunters' camp.

The dead man proved none other than a treasure hunter. That, at least, is how I would like to think of and term him (for there is no honor in speaking ill of the dead). His notes indicated that he and some others of his ilk had dug up an elven cemetery near the village of Fox Hollow. However, they had dug up one jewel too many...

When the feelings of guilt and shame had grown to be too much, and the expedition's members had begun, one by one, to disappear, Alistair Carnarvon, for that was our deceased hero's name, had decided to inform a group of scholars at Castel Graupian of his find. Said scholars, he believed, would look to the ancient necropolis and extend their care over it. Alas, he had never managed to reach the scholars, and the treasures he had left behind in the camp were now ownerless...

There are two archespores (46) in the camp.

Find the treasure hidden in the treasure hunters' camp.

3. Quest completed.

Geralt found the camp as well as a field that had been dug up thoroughly. Strewn about it were the urns and remains of elves who had been buried there. The chest Alistair had left behind contained no burial jewels. It was, however, full of gold and highly interesting diagrams. The witcher concluded he was free to take it all, and in doing so he would not disturb the Aen Seidhe who lay there in eternal slumber.