The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Atlas

The Toussaint Prison Experiment Treasure Hunt, Blood and Wine Quest

To start this quest you have to loot Clerk's diary and Old key from the body.

Suggested level: 47

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Stages of "The Toussaint Prison Experiment" quest

1. Read the journal.

Wandering about the slopes of Mount Gorgon, Geralt came upon some grim, foreboding ruins. He set about exploring them and nearly tripped over a corpse. As always, he searched the body for a journal or letter that could shed some light on the circumstances of the individual's death. This time, too, this routine paid off. He found a journal and a key...

Read the journal.

2. Find the treasure.

Locate small box lying in the grass, next to the large chest.

The journal detailed an unsuccessful experiment that had resulted in Bastoy Prison being destroyed. The witcher also learned of a chest full of gold that remained hidden within the ruins.

Find the treasure.

3. Quest completed.

Geralt located the chest. The key he had found with the journal worked like a charm. So the witcher scooped up the gold and ran off to spend it!