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Wine Wars: Belgaard Secondary Quest, Blood and Wine Quest

A simple quest available on all notice boards in Toussaint, whose task is to bring you to the Ducal Clerk.

Suggested level: 37

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Stages of "Wine Wars: Belgaard" quest

1. Go to the place where the auction will be held.

Perusing a notice board in Toussaint, Geralt found the appeal of a ducal clerk. The clerk was seeking all manner of vagabonds, knights errant and mercenaries. The posting did not seem to be an offer of witcher's work, even so Geralt decided to learn more about this mystery job.

Ducal Clerk is in front of the house located next to Plegmund's Bridge signpost.

Go to the place where the auction will be held.

2. Quest completed.

The clerk needed assistance. He was to find a new owner and steward for the Belgaard Vineyard, which at the time remained the property of the duchy. The owners of two other vineyards were competing for control of Belgaard. They were Matilda Vermentino and Liam de Coronata.

You will receive two new secondary quests: Wine Wars: Vermentino and Wine Wars: Coronata.