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Wine Wars: Coronata Secondary Quest, Blood and Wine Quest

Suggested level: 37

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Wine Wars: Belgaard quest.

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Stages of "Wine Wars: Coronata" quest

1. Deal with all the problems at the Coronata Vineyard. 0/5

Wine is important - this we all know. Yet in Toussaint wine is sacred. When Geralt found himself embroiled in a dispute between two great winemaking families, represented by Matilda Vermentino and Liam de Coronata, he knew he was treading on shaky ground… Nonetheless, he took a side, resolving to help Liam deal with the problems at his vineyard.

Problems at Liam's vineyard are marked at your map as Vineyard InfestationGuarded TreasureAbandoned SitePerson(s) in Distress (It's lost herbalist) and Hidden Treasure (you don't have to complete the hidden treasure quest, it's enough to kill the monsters guarding it).

2. [Optional] Read the note you found at Coronata.

2.1. [Optional] Search Vermentino and find proof of sabotage.

Do it if you want to receive a new quest - Wine Wars: The Deus in the Machina.

3. Without investigating Vermentino's problems, let Liam take over Belgaard, or continue investigating and deal with Matilda's problems.

Luckily, Geralt had faced and handily overcome far greater adversity in the past. So he easily solved the troubles plaguing Coronata. He then headed off to find Liam, expecting gratitude and a sizeable purse.

It's better to continue investigating and deal with Matilda's problems.

4. Inform Liam that you've resolved all his problems and help him take control of Belgaard.

5. Quest completed.

If you resolved the problems of both vineyards ...

Yet Liam was not alone in requiring the witcher's aid. When Matilda Vermentino approached him for help, Geralt could not bring himself to turn her down. Surprisingly, once the two vineyards' problems had been resolved, Matilda and Liam decided to form a consortium to conquer al their competitors on the Toussaint wine market.

... or Liam's problems only ...

The witcher's efforts paid off handsomely for Liam. The ducal clerk had come to consider Coronata's owner a trustworthy steward, one who would in turn take good care of Belgaard.