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Hellfire Peninsula Map

Ingame ID of Hellfire Peninsula map is 3483.

Hellfire Peninsula
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Hellfire Peninsula subzones / areas
name level aprox. coords
Broken Hill5840 x 56
Cenarion Post-16 x 52
Den of Haal'esh6227 x 77
Dustquill Ravine6222 x 66
East Supply Caravan5861 x 61
Expedition Armory5954 x 84
Expedition Point-71 x 63
Falcon Watch-27 x 61
Fallen Sky Ridge6214 x 41
Felspark Ravine5864 x 38
Forge Camp: Mageddon6165 x 31
Forge Camp: Rage6059 x 31
Gor'gaz Outpost5845 x 73
Haal'eshi Gorge6229 x 78
Hellfire Basin5845 x 50
Hellfire Citadel6247 x 53
Honor Hold-55 x 65
Invasion Point: Annihilator6053 x 27
Mag'har Grounds6234 x 33
Mag'har Post-31 x 27
Northern Rampart6145 x 43
Pools of Aggonar6141 x 33
Razorthorn Trail6138 x 88
Reaver's Fall-66 x 44
Ruins of Sha'naar6213 x 59
Sha'naari Wastes6118 x 57
Shatter Point5879 x 34
Southern Rampart6144 x 62
Spinebreaker Pass6073 x 67
Spinebreaker Post-62 x 83
Supply Caravan-58 x 40
Temple of Telhamat-24 x 40
The Abyssal Shelf7073 x 17
The Great Fissure6133 x 60
The Legion Front5970 x 50
The Overlook-40 x 49
The Path of Anguish5867 x 57
The Path of Glory5855 x 50
The Stadium-35 x 51
The Stair of Destiny5888 x 50
The Warp Fields6045 x 83
Thornfang Hill629 x 50
Thrallmar-55 x 39
Throne of Kil'jaeden7062 x 18
Valley of Bones5863 x 67
Void Ridge6179 x 73
Zeppelin Crash-49 x 73
Zeth'Gor6070 x 74
Hellfire Peninsula related achievements
  name and description faction points category
Explore Hellfire Peninsula Explore Hellfire Peninsula
Explore Hellfire Peninsula, revealing the covered areas of the world map.
A H 10 Outland
To Hellfire and Back To Hellfire and Back
Complete 90 quests in Hellfire Peninsula.
H 10 The Burning Crusade
To Hellfire and Back To Hellfire and Back
Complete 80 quests in Hellfire Peninsula.
A 10 The Burning Crusade