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Bloodmyst Isle Map

Ingame ID of Bloodmyst Isle map is 3525.

Bloodmyst Isle
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Bloodmyst Isle subzones / areas
name level aprox. coords
Amberweb Pass1719 x 31
Axxarien1641 x 33
Blacksilt Shore1233 x 90
Bladewood1446 x 45
Blood Watch1055 x 56
Bloodcurse Isle1685 x 53
Bristlelimb Enclave1067 x 78
Kessel's Crossing-62 x 90
Middenvale1352 x 77
Mystwood1344 x 85
Nazzivian1338 x 76
Ragefeather Ridge1456 x 35
Ruins of Loreth'Aran1362 x 45
Talon Stand-73 x 21
Tel'athion's Camp-24 x 41
The Bloodcursed Reef981 x 20
The Bloodwash1639 x 22
The Crimson Reach1363 x 25
The Cryo-Core1639 x 60
The Foul Pool1729 x 37
The Hidden Reef1633 x 20
The Lost Fold1157 x 81
The Vector Coil1918 x 53
The Warp Piston1554 x 17
Veridian Point1874 x 8
Vindicator's Rest-30 x 46
Wrathscale Lair1269 x 67
Wyrmscar Island1772 x 30
Bloodmyst Isle related achievements
  name and description faction points category
Explore Bloodmyst Isle Explore Bloodmyst Isle
Explore Bloodmyst Isle, revealing the covered areas of the world map.
A H 10 Kalimdor
Loremaster of Kalimdor Loremaster of Kalimdor
Complete 685 quests in Kalimdor.
H 10 Classic
Loremaster of Kalimdor Loremaster of Kalimdor
Complete 700 quests in Kalimdor.
A 10 Classic