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The Flood Plains - Borean Tundra

Borean Tundra
namelevelaprox. coords
Amber Ledge7046 x 35
Beryl Point7042 x 40
Blistering Pool7046 x 13
Bloodspore Plains7046 x 64
Bor'gorok Outpost7150 x 10
Charred Rise7051 x 15
Coast of Echoes7032 x 56
Coldarra7026 x 38
Coldrock Quarry7051 x 33
D.E.H.T.A. Encampment7057 x 44
Death's Stand7182 x 47
Echo Cove7134 x 71
Farshire7057 x 61
Farshire Lighthouse7059 x 64
Farshire Mine7057 x 56
Fizzcrank Airstrip7056 x 20
Fizzcrank Pumping Station7065 x 23
Frozen Reach7080 x 46
Gammoth7046 x 63
Garrosh's Landing7030 x 52
Glimmer Bay7038 x 11
Kaskala7066 x 51
Kaw's Roost7154 x 24
Lake Kum'uya7052 x 45
Magmoth7159 x 12
Mid Point Station7063 x 22
Mightstone Quarry7042 x 58
Naxxanar7287 x 30
Njord's Breath Bay7069 x 56
North Point Station7065 x 17
Pal'ea7031 x 63
Plains of Nasam7036 x 63
Riplash Ruins7050 x 93
Riplash Strand7047 x 81
Ruins of Eldra'nath7143 x 9
Sands of Nasam7053 x 70
Scalding Pools7060 x 28
Shrine of Scales7044 x 81
Steam Springs7073 x 32
Steeljaw's Caravan7150 x 24
Talramas7169 x 15
Taunka'le Village7077 x 36
Temple City of En'kilah7188 x 25
The Abandoned Reach7059 x 59
The Dens of Dying7176 x 16
The Flood Plains7078 x 27
The Geyser Fields7066 x 29
The Nexus7127 x 25
The Wailing Ziggurat7185 x 41
The Westrift7043 x 30
Torp's Farm7036 x 47
Transborea7088 x 38
Transitus Shield7133 x 35
Unu'pe7077 x 51
Valiance Keep7058 x 69
Warsong Granary7035 x 56
Warsong Hold7043 x 53
Warsong Slaughterhouse7040 x 47
West Point Station7060 x 20
Winterfin Caverns7140 x 20
Winterfin Retreat7143 x 13
Winterfin Village7040 x 18
achievements connected to this map
 name and descriptionfactionpointscategory
Explore Borean TundraExplore Borean Tundra
Explore Borean Tundra, revealing the covered areas of the world map.
A H10Northrend
Nothing Boring About BoreanNothing Boring About Borean
Complete 130 quests in Borean Tundra.
A10Wrath of the Lich King
Nothing Boring About BoreanNothing Boring About Borean
Complete 150 quests in Borean Tundra.
H10Wrath of the Lich King