World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Database
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name updown level updown map updown
Emerald Sanctuary 48 Felwood
Engine of the Makers 78 The Storm Peaks
Ethel Rethor 32 Desolace
Ethereum Staging Grounds 69 Netherstorm
Evergrove 67 Blade's Edge Mountains
Everlook 55 Winterspring
Expedition Armory 59 Hellfire Peninsula
Explorers' League Digsite - The Cape of Stranglethorn
Explorers' League Outpost 70 Howling Fjord
Fairbreeze Village 6 Eversong Woods
Fairbridge Strand 9 Azuremyst Isle
Falcon Watch - Hellfire Peninsula
Faldir's Cove 40 Arathi Highlands
Fallen Sky Lake 26 Ashenvale
Fallen Sky Ridge 62 Hellfire Peninsula
Falthrien Academy - Eversong Woods
Far Watch Post 10 Northern Barrens
Fargodeep Mine 5 Elwynn Forest
Farson Hold - Tol Barad Peninsula
Farstrider Enclave 14 Ghostlands
Farstrider Retreat 7 Eversong Woods
Farwatcher's Glen 27 Stonetalon Mountains
Feathermoon Stronghold 37 Feralas
Felpaw Village 54 Felwood
Felstone Field 50 Western Plaguelands
Fenris Isle 12 Silverpine Forest
Feralfen Village 61 Zangarmarsh
Fire Plume Ridge 55 Un'Goro Crater
Fire Scar Shrine 25 Ashenvale
Firebeard's Patrol 85 Twilight Highlands