World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Database
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name updown level updown map updown
Firestone Point 35 Southern Barrens
Firewatch Ridge 48 Searing Gorge
Firewing Point 63 Terokkar Forest
First Bank of Kezan 1 Kezan
Fizzle & Pozzik's Speedbarge 40 Thousand Needles
Flamestar Post 50 Burning Steppes
Forest Song - Ashenvale
Forge Base: Gehenna 68 Netherstorm
Forge Base: Oblivion 68 Netherstorm
Forge Camp: Anger 70 Blade's Edge Mountains
Forge Camp: Fear 66 Nagrand
Forge Camp: Hate 66 Nagrand
Forge Camp: Mageddon 61 Hellfire Peninsula
Forge Camp: Rage 60 Hellfire Peninsula
Forge Camp: Terror 70 Blade's Edge Mountains
Forge Camp: Wrath 70 Blade's Edge Mountains
Forgotten Hill - Tol Barad Peninsula
Forlorn Woods 80 Crystalsong Forest
Forsaken Forward Command 14 Ruins of Gilneas
Forsaken High Command 10 Silverpine Forest
Forsaken Rear Guard 11 Silverpine Forest
Fort Livingston 30 Northern Stranglethorn
Fort Triumph 34 Southern Barrens
Fort Wildervar 70 Howling Fjord
Forward Command 32 Southern Barrens
Fray Island - Northern Barrens
Frayfeather Highlands 46 Feralas
Frazzlecraz Motherlode 35 Southern Barrens
Freewind Post 42 Thousand Needles
Frenzyheart Hill 76 Sholazar Basin