World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Database
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name updown level updown map updown
Cenarion Watchpost - Zangarmarsh
Cenarion Wildlands 33 Desolace
Chillwind Camp - Western Plaguelands
Chillwind Point 30 Hillsbrad Foothills
Circle of Blood 66 Blade's Edge Mountains
Circle of East Binding 38 Arathi Highlands
Circle of Inner Binding 38 Arathi Highlands
Circle of Outer Binding 38 Arathi Highlands
Circle of West Binding 38 Arathi Highlands
Clan Watch 64 Nagrand
Cliffwalker Post 27 Stonetalon Mountains
Coilfang Reservoir 63 Zangarmarsh
Coilskar Cistern 68 Shadowmoon Valley
Coilskar Point 68 Shadowmoon Valley
Cold Hearth Manor 5 Tirisfal Glades
Coldarra 70 Borean Tundra
Coldridge Pass 4 Dun Morogh
Coldridge Valley - Dun Morogh
Coldwind Heights 74 Dragonblight
Conquest Hold 74 Grizzly Hills
Corin's Crossing 57 Eastern Plaguelands
Corp'rethar: The Horror Gate 80 Icecrown
Corrahn's Dagger 33 Hillsbrad Foothills
Cradle of the Ancients 83 Uldum
Crimson Expanse 83 Deepholm
Crowley Orchard 7 Gilneas
Crown Guard Tower 55 Eastern Plaguelands
Crucible of Carnage 85 Twilight Highlands
Crumbling Depths 83 Deepholm
Crusader Outpost 8 Tirisfal Glades