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Daggermaw Lashtail

Daggermaw Lashtail
Level 66 - 67 Beast
additional info
level66 - 67
react (top-most) H A
you will find this creature somewhere here
Blade's Edge Mountains
Daggermaw Lashtail
map of Blade's Edge Mountains
drops, rare+ and quest items
  name level req level class slot
Abyss Walker's Boots Abyss Walker's Boots 100 65 Cloth Feet
Band of Sorrow Band of Sorrow 103 66 Miscellaneous Finger
Boots of Zealotry Boots of Zealotry 106 67 Plate Feet
Bracers of Recklessness Bracers of Recklessness 109 68 Plate Wrist
Breastplate of Rapid Striking Breastplate of Rapid Striking 109 68 Mail Chest
Chestguard of the Talon Chestguard of the Talon 109 68 Leather Chest
Cloak of the Craft Cloak of the Craft 103 66 Cloth Back
Crown of Endless Knowledge Crown of Endless Knowledge 103 66 Cloth Head
Design: Eye of the Night Design: Eye of the Night 72 - Jewelcrafting
Design: Smooth Dawnstone Design: Smooth Dawnstone 70 - Jewelcrafting
Design: Stormy Star of Elune Design: Stormy Star of Elune 70 - Jewelcrafting
Design: Veiled Nightseye Design: Veiled Nightseye 70 - Jewelcrafting
Draenei Honor Guard Shield Draenei Honor Guard Shield 109 68 Shield Off-Hand
Elekk Hide Leggings Elekk Hide Leggings 103 66 Leather Legs
Extra Sharp Daggermaw Tooth Extra Sharp Daggermaw Tooth - - Quest
Girdle of Divine Blessing Girdle of Divine Blessing 100 65 Plate Waist
Headdress of Inner Rage Headdress of Inner Rage 100 65 Mail Head
Leggings of the Sly Leggings of the Sly 100 65 Leather Legs
Necklace of Trophies Necklace of Trophies 106 67 Miscellaneous Neck
Pathfinder's Band Pathfinder's Band 106 67 Miscellaneous Finger
Pattern: Cloak of the Black Void Pattern: Cloak of the Black Void 70 - Tailoring
Pattern: Unyielding Girdle Pattern: Unyielding Girdle 73 - Tailoring
Pattern: Vengeance Wrap Pattern: Vengeance Wrap 73 - Tailoring
Sash of Sealed Fate Sash of Sealed Fate 106 67 Cloth Waist
Scales of the Beast Scales of the Beast 103 66 Mail Legs
Schematic: Mana Potion Injector Schematic: Mana Potion Injector 69 - Engineering
Shroud of Spiritual Purity Shroud of Spiritual Purity 106 67 Cloth Chest
The Master's Treads The Master's Treads 109 68 Leather Feet