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Wyrmcult Hewer

Wyrmcult Hewer
Level 66 - 67 Humanoid
additional info
level66 - 67
react (top-most) H A
you will find this creature somewhere here
Blade's Edge Mountains
Wyrmcult Hewer
map of Blade's Edge Mountains
you have to kill or interact with this creature for those quests
name level faction category rewards
...and a Time for Action 67 A H Blade's Edge Mountains
drops, rare+ and quest items
  name level req level class slot
Band of Dominion Band of Dominion 109 70 Miscellaneous Finger
Boots of Zealotry Boots of Zealotry 106 67 Plate Feet
Cloak of the Craft Cloak of the Craft 103 66 Cloth Back
Crown of Endless Knowledge Crown of Endless Knowledge 103 66 Cloth Head
Crystalblade of the Draenei Crystalblade of the Draenei 103 66 Sword One-Hand
Design: Delicate Living Ruby Design: Delicate Living Ruby 70 - Jewelcrafting
Design: Mystical Skyfire Diamond Design: Mystical Skyfire Diamond 73 - Jewelcrafting
Design: Potent Noble Topaz Design: Potent Noble Topaz 70 - Jewelcrafting
Design: Radiant Talasite Design: Radiant Talasite 70 - Jewelcrafting
Design: Solid Star of Elune Design: Solid Star of Elune 70 - Jewelcrafting
Elekk Hide Leggings Elekk Hide Leggings 103 66 Leather Legs
Four of Furies Four of Furies - - Quest
Four of Storms Four of Storms - - Quest
Leggings of the Sly Leggings of the Sly 100 65 Leather Legs
Mask of Veiled Death Mask of Veiled Death 106 67 Leather Head
Meeting Note Meeting Note - 65 Quest
Necklace of Trophies Necklace of Trophies 106 67 Miscellaneous Neck
Pattern: Cobrascale Gloves Pattern: Cobrascale Gloves 73 - Leatherworking
Pattern: Cobrascale Hood Pattern: Cobrascale Hood 73 - Leatherworking
Sash of Sealed Fate Sash of Sealed Fate 106 67 Cloth Waist
Scales of the Beast Scales of the Beast 103 66 Mail Legs
Shield of the Wayward Footman Shield of the Wayward Footman 100 65 Shield Off-Hand
Staff of Divine Infusion Staff of Divine Infusion 109 68 Staff Two-Hand
The Gunblade The Gunblade 100 65 Gun Ranged
Three of Furies Three of Furies - - Quest
Three of Lunacy Three of Lunacy - - Quest
Thundercaller's Gauntlets Thundercaller's Gauntlets 106 67 Mail Hands
Two of Blessings Two of Blessings - - Quest
Two of Furies Two of Furies - - Quest
Two of Lunacy Two of Lunacy - - Quest
Two of Storms Two of Storms - - Quest