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"Captain" Cookie - The Deadmines

additional info
pvp flagAlliance
heroic modeavailable
zone descriptionIt is said the Deadmines' gold deposits once accounted for a third of Stormwind's treasure reserves. Amid the chaos of the First War, the mines were abandoned and later thought to be haunted, leaving them relatively untouched until the Defias Brotherhood--a group of former laborers turned brigands--claimed the labyrinth as a base of operations for its subversive activities against Stormwind.
the deadmines loading screen
The Deadmines
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achievements connected to this map
  name and description faction points category
20 Dungeon Quests Completed 20 Dungeon Quests Completed
Complete 20 dungeon quests.
A H 10 Quests
5 Dungeon Quests Completed 5 Dungeon Quests Completed
Complete 5 dungeon quests.
A H 10 Quests