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A New Adornment

A New Adornment
Level 26
Obtain Ran Bloodtooth's Skull and Dartol's Rod.
- Ran Bloodtooth's Skull
- Dartol's Rod
additional info
required level19
faction / side
descriptionObtain Ran Bloodtooth's Skull and Dartol's Rod.
final stepReturn to Krolg at Krolg's Hut in Ashenvale.
- Deliver Dartol's Rod
• 530 experience
20 silver
max level compensation: 12 silver 60 copper
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
• 250 reputation with Darnassus
detailsI'm certain that the long-dead wizard, Dartol, intended to use his rod to subjugate and destroy us just as the night elves and orcs have, but I think now we'll put that thing to an unintended use.

Ran Bloodtooth is the king of all of the Ashenvale furbolg. His tribe, the Bloodtooth, are the most powerful and keep themselves secluded in a camp just to the east.

Kill them all and bring back his skull. Let us see if we can put it to good use.
questline / series
1. Dryad Delivery [ 23 ] A
2. Search the Bole [ 23 ] A
3. Playing Possum [ 23 ] A
4. Return to Raene [ 23 ] A
5. Dartol's Rod [ 25 ] A
7. A New Adornment [ 26 ]
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