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A Mangy Threat

A Mangy Threat
Level 31
Kill 8 Mangy Silvermanes.
- Mangy Silvermane x 8
additional info
required level29
faction / side A
categoryThe Hinterlands
descriptionKill 8 Mangy Silvermanes.
final stepReturn to Gryphon Master Talonaxe at Aerie Peak in The Hinterlands.
- Slay Mangy Silvermane x 8
• 630 experience
30 silver
max level compensation: 19 silver 20 copper
detailsWe do everything we can to protect our kin and our gryphons. That includes chasin' off predators, whether they be from the forest or from the Horde.

I won't ask you to save us from two-legged monsters just yet. Mangy silvermane prowl the woods to the south where our gryphons range, and they're known to get 'em if they stray too low. Hunt a few of the silvermane and make sure they know our gryphons aren't food.
questline / series
1. A Mangy Threat [ 31 ] A
2. Out to the Front [ 31 ] A
ingame link
The Hinterlands
map of The Hinterlands
The Hinterlands
map of The Hinterlands
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The Hinterlands
map of The Hinterlands