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Welcome Relief

Welcome Relief
Level 84
Kill 8 Subjugated Firestarters.
- Subjugated Firestarter x 8
additional info
required level84
faction / side A
categoryTwilight Highlands
descriptionKill 8 Subjugated Firestarters.
final stepReturn to Keegan Firebeard at Firebeard's Patrol in the Twilight Highlands.
• 13800 experience
9 gold
max level compensation: 13 gold 15 silver 50 copper
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
• 250 reputation with Wildhammer Clan
detailsI've got boys formin' defensive lines on all sides of the town, keepin' back the elementals streaming from the torn ground. They're good lads and they've been holdin' firm, but even the sturdiest dwarf tires eventually.

They're split into shifts: one hour of rest for every hour on the line. Best I can get'm with the men we have.

If you want to be helpin', pick a line and take up a shift. Give some of my boys a welcome breather. Report back in once you've killed several of the elementals.
questline / series
1. Welcome Relief [ 84 ] A
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Twilight Highlands
map of Twilight Highlands
Twilight Highlands
map of Twilight Highlands
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Twilight Highlands
map of Twilight Highlands