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A Needle in a Hellhole

A Needle in a Hellhole
Level 50
Speak with Thelaron Direneedle at Chiselgrip in Burning Steppes.
additional info
required level49
faction / side A
categoryBurning Steppes
descriptionSpeak with Thelaron Direneedle at Chiselgrip in Burning Steppes.
• 1700 experience
7 silver
max level compensation: 4 silver 20 copper
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
• 10 reputation with Thorium Brotherhood
detailsYou and I can't take on an army, [name]. They'll overwhelm us. That's why we've got to stick to Troteman's plan.

The next part of the plan is going to require a bit of subtlety... something that I'm not terribly good at. That's where you come in.

Speak with Thelaron Direneedle, the tailor here in town. I've already given him the hides and mud that we've collected. He's going to need to size you.

That's right, [name]: you're going undercover.
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Burning Steppes
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