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On a Wing and a Prayer

On a Wing and a Prayer
Level 85
Bring the Timeless Eye to Coldarra.
- Brought Timeless Eye to Coldarra
additional info
required level85
faction / side A H
categoryCaverns of Time
descriptionBring the Timeless Eye to Coldarra.
final stepSpeak with Tarecgosa in Coldarra.
- Brought Timeless Eye to Coldarra
• 17350 experience
9 gold 40 silver
max level compensation: 16 gold 54 silver
detailsTime well spent, mortal.

While you struggled in the Plane of Fire, my watchers and I were able to determine when and, most importantly, where our vision was obscured.

We discovered that the shroud was placed over the Nexus, far to the north in the realm of the blue dragonflight.

I have attuned the Timeless Eye to show you the occurrences that remain hidden to us here.

Bring it to Coldarra at once and seek out a place suitable for its activation.

Go, child. Time is of the essence...
questline / series
1. On a Wing and a Prayer [ 85 ] A H
2. Through a Glass, Darkly [ 85 Dungeon ] A H
4. Delegation [ 85 Raid ] A H
4. Delegation Tracker [ 85 Raid ]
ingame link
map of Tanaris
Borean Tundra
map of Borean Tundra