World of Warcraft: WotLK Database

Areas, subzones

This is a list of all World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King areas / subzones.

name updownlevel updownmap updown
7th Legion Front 73 Dragonblight
Abandoned Armory - Nagrand
Abandoned Camp 77 The Storm Peaks
Abyssal Sands 45 Tanaris
Access Shaft Zeon 69 Netherstorm
Acherus: The Ebon Hold 55 Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave
Addle's Stead 24 Duskwood
Aerie Peak 41 The Hinterlands
Aeris Landing - Nagrand
Agama'gor 19 The Barrens
Agamand Family Crypt - Tirisfal Glades
Agamand Mills 8 Tirisfal Glades
Agmar's Hammer 72 Dragonblight
Agmond's End 39 Badlands
Agol'watha 46 The Hinterlands
Alcaz Island 61 Dustwallow Marsh
Aldur'thar: The Desolation Gate 78 Icecrown
Alexston Farmstead 15 Westfall
Allerian Post 63 Terokkar Forest
Allerian Stronghold - Terokkar Forest
Alliance Keep - Isle of Conquest
Altar of Har'koa 76 Zul'Drak
Altar of Mam'toth 77 Zul'Drak
Altar of Quetz'lun 76 Zul'Drak
Altar of Rhunok 76 Zul'Drak
Altar of Sha'tar - Shadowmoon Valley
Altar of Sseratus 75 Zul'Drak
Altar of Storms 59 Burning Steppes
Altar of Storms 54 Blasted Lands
Alther's Mill 19 Redridge Mountains
Amani Catacombs 15 Ghostlands
Amani Pass 18 Ghostlands
Amber Ledge 70 Borean Tundra
Ambermill 15 Silverpine Forest
Amberpine Lodge 73 Grizzly Hills
Amberstill Ranch 7 Dun Morogh
Amberweb Pass 17 Bloodmyst Isle
Ameth'Aran 11 Darkshore
Ammen Fields - Azuremyst Isle
Ammen Ford 5 Azuremyst Isle
Ammen Vale - Azuremyst Isle
Amphitheater of Anguish 75 Zul'Drak
An'owyn 16 Ghostlands
Ancestral Grounds 66 Nagrand
Andilien Estate 15 Ghostlands
Angerfang Encampment 28 Wetlands
Ango'rosh Grounds 62 Zangarmarsh
Ango'rosh Stronghold 63 Zangarmarsh
Angor Fortress 39 Badlands
Angrathar the Wrathgate 72 Dragonblight