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Nagrand Map

Ingame ID of Nagrand map is 3518.

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Nagrand subzones / areas
name level aprox. coords
Abandoned Armory-52 x 56
Aeris Landing-32 x 56
Ancestral Grounds6626 x 59
Burning Blade Ruins6475 x 67
Clan Watch6462 x 65
Elemental Plateau6962 x 16
Forge Camp: Fear6621 x 51
Forge Camp: Hate6626 x 37
Garadar-56 x 36
Halaa-43 x 44
Halaani Basin6442 x 39
Kil'sorrow Fortress6569 x 80
Lake Sunspring6533 x 50
Laughing Skull Ruins6447 x 19
Mag'hari Procession-32 x 36
Nesingwary Safari6471 x 41
Northwind Cleft6540 x 31
Oshu'gun6536 x 71
Skysong Lake6458 x 28
Southwind Cleft6550 x 56
Spirit Fields6536 x 65
Sunspring Post-33 x 45
Telaar-53 x 69
Telaari Basin6455 x 62
The Barrier Hills6475 x 44
The High Path-78 x 55
The Ring of Blood-43 x 20
The Ring of Trials6466 x 54
The Twilight Ridge7011 x 39
Throne of the Elements6561 x 21
Warmaul Hill6630 x 25
Windyreed Pass-72 x 36
Windyreed Village6474 x 53
Zangar Ridge-34 x 18
Nagrand related achievements
  name and description faction points category
Explore Nagrand Explore Nagrand
Explore Nagrand, revealing the covered areas of the world map.
A H 10 Outland
Nagrand Slam Nagrand Slam
Complete 87 quests in Nagrand.
H 10 The Burning Crusade
Nagrand Slam Nagrand Slam
Complete 75 quests in Nagrand.
A 10 The Burning Crusade