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Horde Bonfire, Grizzly Hills Map

Ingame ID of Grizzly Hills map is 394.

Grizzly Hills
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Grizzly Hills subzones / areas
name level aprox. coords
Amberpine Lodge7331 x 58
Ashwood Lake-62 x 50
Ashwood Post7459 x 52
Aspen Grove Post7435 x 54
Blackriver Logging Camp7428 x 63
Bloodmoon Isle7486 x 25
Blue Sky Logging Grounds7436 x 38
Boulder Hills7470 x 8
Camp Oneqwah7465 x 46
Conquest Hold7421 x 65
Drak'atal Passage7545 x 29
Drak'Tharon Keep7317 x 24
Drakil'jin Ruins7472 x 28
Dun Argol7478 x 59
Eastwind Shore7481 x 44
Evergreen Trading Post7416 x 65
Forest's Edge Post7436 x 69
Granite Springs7316 x 50
Grizzlemaw7448 x 42
Harkor's Camp7574 x 34
Heart's Blood Shrine7467 x 59
Heartwood Trading Post7448 x 33
Hollowstone Mine7456 x 23
Prospector's Point7577 x 48
Rage Fang Shrine7450 x 57
Redwood Trading Post7468 x 40
Ruins of Drak'Zin7413 x 61
Ruins of Tethys7579 x 36
Silverbrook7426 x 33
Silverbrook Hills7424 x 36
Solstice Village7563 x 40
The Broken Bluffs7486 x 67
The Forgotten Overlook7367 x 66
The Path of Iron7568 x 33
Thor Modan7468 x 15
Ursoc's Den7452 x 19
Venture Bay7414 x 84
Voldrune7429 x 76
Vordrassil's Heart7439 x 50
Vordrassil's Limb7434 x 49
Vordrassil's Tears7427 x 46
Westfall Brigade Encampment7457 x 28
White Pine Trading Post7457 x 42
Zeb'Halak7418 x 38
Zim'bo's Hideout7414 x 38
Grizzly Hills related achievements
  name and description faction points category
Explore Grizzly Hills Explore Grizzly Hills
Explore Grizzly Hills, revealing the covered areas of the world map.
A H 10 Northrend
Fo' Grizzle My Shizzle Fo' Grizzle My Shizzle
Complete 75 quests in Grizzly Hills.
H 10 Wrath of the Lich King
Fo' Grizzle My Shizzle Fo' Grizzle My Shizzle
Complete 85 quests in Grizzly Hills.
A 10 Wrath of the Lich King