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Horde Bonfire, Dragonblight Map

Ingame ID of Dragonblight map is 65.

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Dragonblight subzones / areas
name level aprox. coords
7th Legion Front7365 x 28
Agmar's Hammer7237 x 48
Angrathar the Wrathgate7236 x 15
Azure Dragonshrine7255 x 66
Bronze Dragonshrine7372 x 39
Coldwind Heights7450 x 18
Coldwind Pass7110 x 55
Dawn's Reach7287 x 57
Dragon's Fall7347 x 33
Dragonspine Tributary7493 x 56
Drak'Mar Lake7493 x 27
Eldritch Heights7290 x 69
Emerald Dragonshrine7363 x 73
Fordragon Hold7239 x 25
Frostmourne Cavern7374 x 24
Galakrond's Rest7355 x 33
Glittering Strand7125 x 65
Ice Heart Cavern7457 x 12
Icemist Village7225 x 39
Indu'le Village7138 x 64
Jintha'kalar7488 x 24
Kili'ua's Atoll7243 x 82
Kor'kron Vanguard7242 x 17
Lake Indu'le7240 x 67
Light's Trust7484 x 26
Lothalor Woodlands7132 x 69
Maw of Neltharion7237 x 32
Moa'ki Harbor7149 x 75
Moonrest Gardens7119 x 60
Naxxramas8089 x 44
New Hearthglen7371 x 75
Nozzlerust Post7355 x 23
Obsidian Dragonshrine7238 x 32
Onslaught Base Camp7485 x 38
Path of the Titans7363 x 34
Ruby Dragonshrine7247 x 49
Scarlet Point7373 x 26
Snowfall Glade7146 x 66
Stars' Rest7129 x 56
The Briny Pinnacle7134 x 82
The Carrion Fields7485 x 52
The Court of Skulls7241 x 21
The Crystal Vice7362 x 20
The Forgotten Shore7382 x 71
The Mirror of Dawn7367 x 53
The Pit of Narjun7227 x 50
Thorson's Post7489 x 45
Venomspite7377 x 60
Westwind Refugee Camp7214 x 46
Wintergarde Crypt7279 x 53
Wintergarde Keep7378 x 46
Wintergarde Mausoleum7382 x 50
Wintergarde Mine7381 x 44
Wyrmrest Temple7360 x 50
Dragonblight related achievements
  name and description faction points category
Explore Dragonblight Explore Dragonblight
Explore Dragonblight, revealing the covered areas of the world map.
A H 10 Northrend
Might of Dragonblight Might of Dragonblight
Complete 115 quests in Dragonblight.
A 10 Wrath of the Lich King
Might of Dragonblight Might of Dragonblight
Complete 130 quests in Dragonblight.
H 10 Wrath of the Lich King