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Zul'Drak Map

Ingame ID of Zul'Drak map is 66.

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Zul'Drak subzones / areas
name level aprox. coords
Altar of Har'koa7664 x 69
Altar of Mam'toth7773 x 46
Altar of Quetz'lun7677 x 59
Altar of Rhunok7653 x 37
Altar of Sseratus7540 x 39
Amphitheater of Anguish7548 x 56
Crusader Forward Camp7525 x 63
Drak'Agal7543 x 57
Drak'Mabwa7654 x 48
Drak'Sotra7552 x 73
Drak'Sotra Fields7542 x 77
Drak'Tharon Keep7328 x 87
Dubra'Jin7770 x 21
Ebon Watch7415 x 73
Gundrak7784 x 17
Heb'Drakkar7666 x 49
Heb'Valok7537 x 54
Kolramas7562 x 78
Light's Breach7532 x 76
Mam'toth Crater7773 x 48
Pools of Jin'Alai7658 x 63
Rageclaw Den7534 x 81
Rageclaw Lake7538 x 85
Reliquary of Agony7421 x 75
Reliquary of Pain7530 x 52
The Argent Stand7540 x 65
The Dead Fields7525 x 62
Thrym's End7417 x 57
Voltarus7528 x 45
Zeramas7421 x 75
Zim'Abwa7537 x 72
Zim'Rhuk7659 x 44
Zim'Torga7659 x 58
Zol'Heb7778 x 37
Zol'Maz Stronghold7766 x 34
Zul'Drak related achievements
  name and description faction points category
Explore Zul'Drak Explore Zul'Drak
Explore Zul'Drak, revealing the covered areas of the world map.
A H 10 Northrend
The Empire of Zul'Drak The Empire of Zul'Drak
Complete 100 quests in Zul'Drak.
A H 10 Wrath of the Lich King