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In and Out Quest

Ingame ID of In and Out quest is 25285.

In and Out tooltip
In and Out
Test out the ejection system in the Ejector Mechano-Tank.
- Ejection System Tested
In and Out additional info
Faction Alliance
CategoryDun Morogh
DescriptionTest out the ejection system in the Ejector Mechano-Tank.
Final stepLet Captain Tread Sparknozzle know you ejected safely.
- Ejection System Tested
3 gold 70 silver
max level compensation: 6 gold 63 silver
DetailsWe've gotta get these new mechano-tanks ready for the assault. You ready to help test these bad boys out?! Of course you are!

First, we need to make sure that once you're in, you can get out. In battle, if you think your tank is going to explode, get out! I've seen many a gnome stay in 'til the bitter end... the tank blows up, and them along with it.

Well, I've upgraded this tank with an ejection seat. Try it out for me, will ya?
2. Basic Orders [ - ]
3. In and Out [ - ]
5. Press Fire [ - ]
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Last update, client version12340
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