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Da Perfect Spies Quest

Ingame ID of Da Perfect Spies quest is 25444.

Da Perfect Spies tooltip
Da Perfect Spies
Capture 5 Sen'jin Frogs and attune them to Vanira's sight at her Sentry Totem.
- Sen'jin Frogs attuned x 5
Da Perfect Spies additional info
Faction Horde
DescriptionCapture 5 Sen'jin Frogs and attune them to Vanira's sight at her Sentry Totem.
Final stepReturn to Vanira at the Darkspear Strand.
- Sen'jin Frogs attuned x 5
7 gold 40 silver
max level compensation: 13 gold 23 silver
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
• 250 reputation with Darkspear Trolls
DetailsNow, it would be foolish to go in blind 'ere, so I be creatin' some tiny spies to gather information for Vol'jin. He got to know what's goin' on over on de islands.

I could use da help, if you be feelin' up to it. I tell ya how it's done. First, ya gotta catch de frogs. Dey like to stay in de shade of da palm trees around Sen'jin.

Once ya have de frogs, bring 'em over here to my sentry totem an' attune dem to me sight.
1. Da Perfect Spies [ - ]
2. Frogs Away! [ - ]
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Last update, client version12340
Da Perfect Spies start and finish location(s)
Start (NPC)
map of Durotar
Finish (NPC)
map of Durotar
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