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Assault on the Sanctum Quest

Ingame ID of Assault on the Sanctum quest is 26013.

Assault on the Sanctum tooltip
Assault on the Sanctum
Level 82 Raid
Investigate the Ruby Sanctum beneath Wyrmrest Temple.
Assault on the Sanctum additional info
Faction Alliance Horde
CategoryThe Ruby Sanctum
DescriptionInvestigate the Ruby Sanctum beneath Wyrmrest Temple.
Final stepInvestigate the Ruby Sanctum beneath Wyrmrest Temple.
8 gold
max level compensation: 13 gold 50 silver
Details[race], something terrible has transpired within the Ruby Sanctum beneath the Temple.

The entry to the Sanctum is in ruins, and its guardians violently slain. We sent scouts to investigate, but they have not returned. I cannot help but fear the worst.

Enter the Ruby Sanctum and discover what has befallen the home of my flight. Once we have more information, we can plan our next steps accordingly.
1. Trouble at Wyrmrest [ 82 Raid ]
2. Assault on the Sanctum [ 82 Raid ]
3. The Twilight Destroyer [ 82 Raid ]
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Last update, client version12340
Assault on the Sanctum start and finish location(s)
Start (NPC)
map of Dragonblight
Finish (NPC)
The Ruby Sanctum
map of The Ruby Sanctum