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The Twilight Destroyer Quest

Ingame ID of The Twilight Destroyer quest is 26034.

The Twilight Destroyer tooltip
The Twilight Destroyer
Level 82 Raid
Defeat Halion and repel the invasion of the Ruby Sanctum.
- Halion
The Twilight Destroyer additional info
Faction Alliance Horde
CategoryThe Ruby Sanctum
DescriptionDefeat Halion and repel the invasion of the Ruby Sanctum.
Final stepReport back to Krasus atop Wyrmrest Temple.
- Slay Halion
Guaranteed item rewards
24 gold
max level compensation: 20 gold 25 silver
DetailsThis was no reckless attack, but rather a carefully orchestrated strike against the heart of the Red Dragonflight.

Zarithrian, on the bluff over there, is overseeing the assault, but the true leader of this force is a brash and powerful Twilight dragon named Halion. Not since Dargonax has a full-grown spawn of Sinestra's twisted experiments been seen.

Slay him, [name], and then when the invasion has been fully repelled, report to Krasus regarding all you have seen here.
1. Trouble at Wyrmrest [ 82 Raid ]
2. Assault on the Sanctum [ 82 Raid ]
3. The Twilight Destroyer [ 82 Raid ]
Ingame link
Last update, client version12340
The Twilight Destroyer start and finish location(s)
Start (NPC)
The Ruby Sanctum
map of The Ruby Sanctum
Finish (NPC)
map of Dragonblight
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