World of Warcraft: WotLK Database


This is a list of all World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Quests. A quest is a task given to a player character that yields a reward when completed such as new items, experience points, reputation gain or gold.

Most quests are given by an NPC. Some of them can be aquired by using special items marked with exclamation mark, interacting with specific objects, entering some zones or from completing a previous quest.

title of quest
level range
starting area
name updown level updown type updown faction category updown
Zanzil's Mixture and a Fool's Stout 44 A H Thousand Needles
Zanzil's Secret 44 A H Stranglethorn Vale
Zapped Giants 48 A H Feralas
Zedd's Probably Dead 70 A Howling Fjord
Zeh'gehn Sez 71 A H Howling Fjord
Zenn's Bidding 5 A Teldrassil
Zero Tolerance 75 A H Zul'Drak
Zeth'Gor Must Burn! 61 H Hellfire Peninsula
Zeth'Gor Must Burn! 60 A Hellfire Peninsula
Zinge's Assessment - H Seasonal
Zinge's Delivery 15 H Undercity
Ziz Fizziks 21 A H The Barrens
Zombie Juice 24 A Duskwood
Zorus the Judicator 67 A Shattrath City
Zoya the Veridian Netherwing Drake 70 A H Shattrath City
Zukk'ash Infestation 45 H Feralas
Zukk'ash Report 48 H Feralas
Zul'Marosh 11 H Eversong Woods
Zulian, Razzashi, and Hakkari Coins 60 A H Zul'Gurub