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Abyssal Flamebringer

Abyssal Flamebringer
Level 70 - 71 Demon
additional info
level70 - 71
react (top-most) H A
you will find this creature somewhere here
Blade's Edge Mountains
Abyssal Flamebringer
map of Blade's Edge Mountains
drops, rare+ and quest items
  name level req level class slot
Depleted Badge Depleted Badge 115 70 Junk
Depleted Cloak Depleted Cloak 115 70 Junk
Depleted Dagger Depleted Dagger 115 70 Junk
Depleted Mace Depleted Mace 115 70 Junk
Depleted Mail Gauntlets Depleted Mail Gauntlets 105 70 Junk
Depleted Ring Depleted Ring 115 70 Junk
Depleted Staff Depleted Staff 115 70 Junk
Depleted Sword Depleted Sword 115 70 Junk
Design: Bold Living Ruby Design: Bold Living Ruby 70 - Jewelcrafting
Design: Destructive Skyfire Diamond Design: Destructive Skyfire Diamond 73 - Jewelcrafting
Design: Sovereign Nightseye Design: Sovereign Nightseye 70 - Jewelcrafting
Formula: Enchant Boots - Cat's Swiftness Formula: Enchant Boots - Cat's Swiftness 72 - Enchanting
Pattern: Gloves of the Living Touch Pattern: Gloves of the Living Touch 73 - Leatherworking