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Across the Great Divide

Across the Great Divide
Level 81
Speak to Farseer Gadra in the Damplight Chamber.
additional info
required level80
faction / side A H
categoryShimmering Expanse
descriptionSpeak to Farseer Gadra in the Damplight Chamber.
• 6950 experience
78 silver
max level compensation: 66 silver
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
• 10 reputation with The Earthen Ring
detailsWe will need to press deeper into Vashj'ir if we want to uncover what the naga are doing here.

Go to the Lightless Reaches, the giant chasm bordering the Kelp'thar Forest to the west. If you look across it, you should see a cluster of plant-life surrounding the entrance to Damplight Chamber.

Once you're inside the cave, it's a bit of a ride up until you break surface, but I have friends there that should provide you a warm welcome.
questline / series
3. Across the Great Divide [ 81 ] A H
ingame link
Kelp'thar Forest
map of Kelp'thar Forest
Shimmering Expanse
map of Shimmering Expanse